Thursday, September 27, 2007

Auspicious Beginnings!

Well, I've gotten my yarn, and begun on the ribbing. I bought the Alpaca Fina that I mentioned in my first post, but at the last minute I decided to change up the colors.I went with a teal for the main color, with a lighter turquoise, a light green, a couple browns, a curry orange, and a golden yellow for the accent colors. Here is a picture of the fair isle swatch I did to see how they work together. I really like the way they look; what do you all think?

The yarn is a bit thinner than I had expected, but it's very fuzzy, so it fills in nicely. Hopefully this will keep the sweater from being too warm. I had to go up to size 4 needles to get gauge. I didn't have a pair of circular #4's, and I was already considering buying the Knit Picks interchangeable set, so I thought this would be a good time to go for it. But, before I could order them, my (very!) DB brought over my birthday present: a set of Knit Picks Options, along with some other really nifty knitting accessories!! What a keeper! I swatched right away and got gauge. Here is my progress so far:

The needles are fantastic, by the way. Anyone who likes addis and hasn't bought a set should definitely try them out. This yarn is a little splitty, but the nice sharp point has prevented any problems. I think this is going to be a really fun project! I'm so happy to have gotten started!


Jennifer said...

Oooh, I love the colors! And it's always nice to see someone brave enough to take a leap and create a new color combination. I can't wait to see more pictures when you get to the fair isle section!

Melissa said...

Your colors look great!! The ribbing goes pretty fast, and you'll be doing the fair isle in no time. I started mine yesterday, and it's loads of fun. Can't wait to see your progress with the color changes!!!

Jenny said...

I love those colors! I wish I was brave enough to switch it up, but alas, I stuck with the green.

rarabecca said...

good color choice!

I was torn between blue and green because I love both.

I like to see what the blue looks like.

I love seeing the all the yarn subs!

Knittymuggins said...

Ooooh - I think that fuzziness will look amazing! Pretty :)

Mary Jane said...

These are great colors! really beautiful, I can't wait to see it grow!