Monday, October 1, 2007

Yarn color mishap

Well this is what I get for ordering yarn online, I decided on Knitpick's Swish DK and I got most of the colors right but the "Nutmeg", and "Maple Leaf". I decided it just didn't work, so I am going to use some of my bare yarn that is the base for Swish DK and dye my own. I didn't feel like buying new yarn for my newbie mistake.


Jenny said...

I got the Terra cotta for the orangey one and pale lemon for the yellowey one. I think I'm going to tea-dye the yellow in some green tea to tone it down a little, but all the other colors worked nicely. I agree about the nutmeg. Yuk!

miss elizabeth said...

If you really hate the colors, you could think of using a different DK weight superwash that maybe has something you like. I think elann has a couple right now, and WEBS might too. Just a thought.

rarabecca said...

I had some bare of the same yarn. yesterday I dyed enough of both the red and the orange. Turned out very nice.