Thursday, October 11, 2007

Help Please....

Update ~ thx to everyone for your suggestions. I'm still don't see a suitable choice for me and I don't have the time or energy to do a lot of searching so I will postpone this til November. I'll be around checking out everyone's progress so when I'm ready I've got some examples. Thx again. ;D

ok ~ I was all set to make mine but now have a dilemna. I went to my LYS to p/u my yarn but it wasn't in yet. Then I was informed that the yarn I choose is too heavy. Then I realized that I hadn't ordered enough since the Takhi Cotton is 106yd a skein and I need 225 yd. Help!!

I really am not interested in the KnitPicks Telemark but that is comparable in cost. I don't have the funds for the Louet but I really want to make this lovely item. Any suggestions would be appreciated so that I can get started.

Thx ~ talk w/you later.


Jenny said...

Dawn, if you had your heart set on cotton, I would go with Classic Elite Provence or Brown sheep Cotton Fleece. You will really have to reinforce those steeks, though! Any DK wool will work, so check with the LYS for anything with color choices you like. I used the Knit Picks Swish DK, and I am very happy with the results so far.

Robin said...

I second the comment on Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece - this is a good value for the money and not too thick.

miss elizabeth said...

Thirded on the cotton fleece. Also, I used Elann Pure Alpaca Fina, and I'm very pleased with it.

Take a couple hours and just look at all the different online shops; anything in sport of DK weight should work alright, and aim for something that contains a portion of animal fiber (wool, alpaca). It needs to have a smooth look, and it would be nice if it felted somewhat (for the steeks). And, if you can't find all the colors in one yarn, see if you can find another, similar yarn that has the colors you are missing. As long as they have similar care directions, and are similar in makeup and construction, no one will notice.

Really, there are tons of options out there. Just be brave, and you can do it! Remember, it's just yarn.

Robin said...

Totally agree with Miss Elizabeth about the animal fiber probably being easier to work with and the Elann Alpaca Fina being an especially great choice. I think it was pretty reasonably priced too. The only issue would be is if you were really worried about alpaca being too hot, or if you had an alpaca allergy.