Monday, October 8, 2007

Started Mirepoix - Finally!

I cast on for Mirepoix yesterday and I have about an inch of the ribbing done (SO not worth posting a picture of - LOL.) My question is, for those of you that are using the Louet - any tricks or tips to stop the yarn from constantly twisting up on itself? I've tried setting the ball farther away from me and that helps a little, but not that much. Any other ideas?


Jennifer said...

Hmm, I did notice it twisting up a bit, but I didn't find it to be TOO bad, especially since you only work with each color for a few rows (I've been cutting the yarn each time the color ends for more than 1 row).

Robin said...

Yeah, it is better now. I think I had a twist in my ball of yarn (didn't do so great of a job winding it) which now undid itself as I knit to that point and that is helping. When I get to the multi color section, I think I will cut my yarn if it's ended for more than 1 row too. Good idea!

Jennifer said...

LOL I'm betting I'll have to remember that cutting so often was a good idea when I sit down at the end and weave all those ends in! But, the way the pattern goes, I couldn't bring myself to carry colors for 6 rows or something.

Glad the twisting seems to have resolved itself!