Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm zipping along

I've been zipping along on my Mirepoix bodice. I actually started knitting this before I realized the start date for the knitalong was October 1. So I'm quite a ways along. My steeks are coming along nicely, although the thought of cutting them has me a tad panicked! I had the same problem as Jennifer when I first started my steeks. The one armhome steek was attached because the instructions didn't mention the need to start the steek with a new tail of yarn. I tried to drop down two of the stitches and see if I could remedy the problem without ripping back ten rows, but no luck. I'm on the right track now, though, and have about two inches of the steeks complete. I also have knitted one of the sleeves, as I needed some mindless knitting over the weekend. Here's a glimpse of one of my steeks.
I saw one person is experimenting with color changes! Is anyone else switching colors around? I'm not brave enough for that, so I stuck with similar colors to the pattern. Although I did sub my yarn. So far I'm quite pleased with it. Can't wait to see pictures of everyone else's progress!!

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Knittymuggins said...

Looks wonderful so far!! Thanks so much for sharing your steek experience too. I'll definitely need that later on! I'm changing my colors up, but not subbing the yarn. I'll be using red as my main color, with pink as the second contrasting color, and some variation of browns, orange and yellow that's similar to the original. The lady at the LYS seemed to think it would look good. Keep your fingers crossed that it does!