Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sleeve Problem

Last night I thought I would start on a sleeve, because it's more portable then all the fair isle, and it always takes me forever to knit sleeves, and when I cast on I thought I had way to many stitches. So, I looked at the schematic, and it has my size knitting 10 1/4" around the cuff. My wrist is only 6" around! In the pictures it looks like a normal sleeve; is there something I don't understand here? I can figure out how to fix it to fit, but it just seemed so wrong, I thought I must be missing something. Does anyone know?


Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Did you actually start on your sleeve? I cast on for the sleeve without even looking at the measurements on the schematic. I am making the smallest size, and unstretched it is only about 4 1/2" wide. My wrists are pretty small, so the sleeve should be nicely fitted.

I'm thinking the width is measured in the manner of the gauge given for the pattern "rib stretched so that knit and purl columns appear the same width".

So I wouldn't worry too much (unless unstreched you're getting 10 1/4" width!) and just start knitting it and see how it works with your arm.